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Christine Becomes The Football Quarterback A Prudence Periwinkle Book

Rating Reviews 5 Stars
Christine Becomes The Football Quarterback

For anyone who is shopping for a book I've assembled some good information. Christine Becomes The Football Quarterback by Prudence Periwinkle is an excellent child's book! Written by Prudence Periwinkle and it is published by Magic Happens Publishing. It went on sale sometime in 2013.

Magic Happens Publishing

Author: Prudence Periwinkle

Come and enjoy the story of Christine who wants to play football with her school team, She's sad that she can't until she meets a very unusual friend who just happens to be a mouse. A terrific strategy to teach children about self esteem and their potential to attain anything they put their mind to. This can be another inside the Prudence Periwinkle line of books. After getting a pep speak and some history about women in sports from"Squeeks"Christine becomes her personal pep rally. A great book for the complete family to enjoy.


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