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Football Dreams (book One - Childhood Dreams Series)

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Football Dreams

I suggest you pick up a copy of Football Dreams the perfect book. The book is 8 pages long. Should you need a copy of this children's book for your children, click on the market link on this page.

Author: William Evans III

A young boy is determined to turn into the best quarterback in the world, no matter what. The subsequent book in the series, RACE CAR DREAMS, is available now! Read-aloud time is roughly 20-minutes. The sophistication of this book and its notion is amazing considering the truth that it was written by an eight-year-old author. But can he copy his favorite quarterback's bad habits and nevertheless make it for the big league? _________________________This book is the first volume inside the"Childhood Dreams"series, a collection of tales in which a young boy tries his hand at different things in life, but practically usually goes about things the incorrect way. A funny story, complete of pratfalls - perfect for fans of"A Diary of a Wimpy Kid"and"Big Nate ". Appropriate for readers of all ages.


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