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Football Player Facts For Fun! Wide Receivers

Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers5 Star Rating
Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers
Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers By Wyatt Michaels

I plan to share with you this excellent children's book called Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers. The child's book has 99 pages. For more information about this book, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.

Wyatt Michaels is the writer for Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers. football player facts wide receivers good

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Author: Wyatt Michaels

How excellent is your information of the esteemed NFL wide receivers? The game played by way of the book is very simple. So next time your friend brags about how big of a sports fan he is, or how much he knows about NFL history, you'll be capable of see if he can back it up, in a fun and brilliant battle of who knows probably the most about football trivia! In this interactive book, you'll be able to test your friend's and family's knowledge of numerous NFL wide receivers. It's a family and close friends bonding encounter. Everyone gathered together in the living room, sharing a big bowl of chips and dip. Every question is multiple choice and has 3 possible answers, and if a player gets the answer wrong, they get a second chance. Because of that, plenty of folks love to show off how much they know about their favorite. With every correct answer, the player moves on for the subsequent question. Football is truly a main part of American culture. On certain questions, hints and comments are provided to assist the player along. How about who has 1 of the most receptions in 1 game? There are the screams of horror (or joy) with each and every interception, touchdown, and tackle. Or who holds the record for becoming the fastest to record 600 career receptions? And the wide receivers are on the list of most exciting players of any football team. Can you name the wide receiver who holds the record for the most touchdowns in one particular season?

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 99

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